Why is the price in your groups mostly a bit higher?

– My website and fb groups are special for people who are willing to pay a bit extra, because they cannot (quickly) find/join a group or don’t want to lose much time. Or for people who don’t want to be scammed. The service in my groups is good and reliable! See also, where you can see how many likes my page has, and see the link to many positive reviews about me, and more info.
– If you order via my website, tickets are cheaper, from € 7.
– So you can choose:
a) € 7-8.9 (first time € 7) if you order via
b) € 8-9.9* if you order via group.

So, if I order THROUGH FACEBOOK and pay more tickets at once, from second ticket price is lower? Only tickets for SAME date, or also for DIFFERENT dates?

– Price if you order more tickets, not via (but f.e. via Facebook):
– – for SAME date: 1st ticket 9.90*, from 2nd ticket 8 euros (f.e. if you want to pay for 3 tickets: 9.90*+8+8=25.90).
– – for DIFFERENT dates: 1st ticket 9.90*, 1st ticket for different date 9** euros, 2nd ticket for same date 8 euros.
– If you want to pay for 3 tickets for 4th and 2 tickets for 5th: (9.90*+8+8) + (9+8) = 42.90.
– If you want to pay for 1 ticket for 4th and 1 ticket for 5th: 9.90* + 9 = 18.90.
– If you want to pay for 3 tickets for 4th: 9.90*+8+8=25.90.

* 9.90: sometimes price is different; see info in group
** discount for different dates is on your request before paying

And if I order THROUGH

– If you order for 1st time: price of your first order for max. two tickets is € 7
– After this, price for 1st ticket is € 8.9, and 8 euros for every next ticket for same date in same order and in same payment (f.e. if you pay for 3 tickets: 8.90+8+8=24.90).
– If you order within half an hour for more than 3 or more dates and pay in one payment for this, from 3rd date you should not pay € 8.9 but € 8.
Example: if you pay for 7 different dates (each 1 ticket): 8.9+8.9+8+8+8+8+8 = 41.8.

It’s you own responsibility to consider mentioned discount. If you didn’t do, you have no right to a refund.

I need more frequent tickets; can you offer me a special price?

Send Henk a private message (pm) via > message/bericht.

For other Frequent Asked Questions, see