More info about deadlines


If YOUR DEFINITIVE deadline is earlier the SELLER’S deadline and it appears that seller doesn’t have enough people for 10 tickets before your deadline, you can choose:
a) To pay an extra amount of money (you can ask seller, depending on how many tickets are already paid by people); after you have paid this, you will receive your ticket(s).
b) To delay your deadline: in this case, admin.costs 1-2 euros for each time that you delay your deadline.
c) To cancel your order (by default). In this case Henk can keep your money (minus 1-2 euro admin.costs) till you need tickets again, or you can ask to return money (minus 2-3 euros admin.costs).

If YOUR deadline is later than SELLER’S deadline and you receive your tickets later than seller’s deadline, you can build a balance of 0.5 euro per hour later than sellers deadline till you receive ticket (time from 11pm on evening before day of travel till 8am on day of travel will not be counted). Per ticket this balance cannot be higher than the price your paid for the ticket minus 7 euros.