Information and reviews


Below info and reviews.

You can order through (click here) or through my Facebook groups (click here).

What are the differences between ordering through and through your Facebook groups?
– Through is cheaper.
Through will cost less time, for both buyer and seller.
– At first you can choose both, but last tickets mostly only through my Facebook groups.

For which destination do you have tickets?
At this time you can only order to/from Amsterdam-Centraal

How can I see if there are tickets left?
Visit the links above and you can read. For the coming days there are tickets, except when behind the date is written that no tickets are left.
Coming days:
— Dear all, because I am busy, coming days I cannot sell tickets every day. You can contact me:
1) if you want to order at least 4 tickets for 9.9+8+8+8 euros;
2) if you want to order less tickets and wants to pay more extra per ticket than in case 1. – Contact me via jilz. nl/cfu or fb/pm

More dates, further into the future, you can find on the form to order.

Below you can see the Facebook page and reviews about Henk. Click here to order NS Group tickets

See also info on the faq page:



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