Frequent Asked Questions 2


Since the new rules of NS (not only same final station, but also same departure station for whole group) there are special fb groups for routes/ tracks. These are mostly large routes, f.e. Groningen-Maastricht, Vlissingen-Den Helder, etc. Why?

These large routes include smaller routes, like Vlissingen-Den Helder, includes Rotterdam-Amsterdam. It’s difficult to find anough people a small route; for large routes it’s more easy to find enough people.

So, if I order tickets from .. (A) to .. (B), I can receive sometimes tickets with a larger route?

Right. Because often it’s difficult to make a complete group for A to B, therefore the person who will buy the tickets can decide to choose a larger route. For example, if you want to travel from Eindhoven to Amsterdam Centraal, the person who will buy the tickets can decide to buy tickets from Den Helder to Maastricht (see > planner)

When the route is f.e. ‘Maastricht-Amsterdam Centraal’, can I also buy a ticket for this route if I want to travel from Eindhoven to Utrecht?

I read that most people say: “Yes, you can do it.” Because ‘Eindhoven-Utrecht’ is on the route ‘Maastricht-Amsterdam Centraal’. I doubt if NS officially allows this. I know there are two important rules of NS tickets:
a) You have to follow the route showed on NS planner. This may vary from time to time, so it’s good to check this before you leave. I read that most conducteurs don’t make problems if your travel is a little bit different from the NS planner, but of course I cannot give guarantee that every conducteur will allow this.
b) It’s allowed to get off at any station on the route (eg to visit someone), and after this to continue your journey.
So in this example it’s allowed to get of and on the train in Eindhoven. Many people say that because of this, it’s not a problem at all to start in Eindhoven, although on the ticket is written that your departure station is Maastricht. When you will be controlled later in the train, the conducteur doesn’t know that you started in Eindhoven, so no problem, many people say. But what if the conducteur will aks where you started your travel? I read that many people say: In this case I’ll tell the conducteur that I started in Maastricht, because is most cases he cannot know that it’s not true. But what if the conducteur notices that the start of your travel is not Maastricht, but Eindhoven? I read that many people say: The risk of this is so small (maybe less than 0.01%) that I don’t mind this.

I read that people give some advices to prevent to get a fine:
– Print your ticket more than 1 time. In case conducteur will write on your ticket that you cannot use it from the next station, you have another one.
– Some conducteurs don’t know that some stations are on the route, so print this route or show on your mobile. Then you can show this if the conducteur doesn’t want to accept your ticket.
– Some people prepared themselves, I read. In case conducteur will say: At this time, the best route from A to B (like written on your ticket) is not via this station, they will say: Yes, but I departed at …, and then the best route was via this station (if you don’t believe, I can show you). and then I got off the train in this station (this is allowed, you know), and when I continued my travel from this station, the best route is this, see NS planner.
– Sometimes a conducteur doesn’t know the rules well and don’t accept your ticket, although you’re right. If you have to pay extra in this case, save everything, and later you can contact NS (see and explain the situation. If the conducteur was wrong, you can get your money back.
– Be polite!

So this is what I read and could say about it. Of course, the choice is yours; I’m not responsible for that.

In previous question and answer it’s clear that Eindhoven-Utrecht is on the route Maastricht-Amsterdam Centraal, but what about f.e. the route Vlissingen-Amsterdam Centraal? When I check NS planner ( or , I see that different routes are possible, depending on the time you will travel. Can I f.e. travel from Den Haag Laan van NOI to Amsterdam with a ticket on which is written: from Vlissingen to Amsterdam Centraal? 

Right, when you check the planner, you see, depending on the time, different routes. For example:
a) via Roosendaal – Dordrecht – Rotterdam – Schiphol – to/from Amsterdam Centraal;
b) via Rotterdam – Delft -Den Haag HS – Den Haag Laan van NOI – Leiden Centraal – Haarlem – Amsterdam Sloterdijk to/from Amsterdam Centraal;
c) via Roosendaal – Breda – Tilburg – ‘s-Hertogenbosch – Utrecht Centraal – Amsterdam-Amstel to/from Amsterdam Centraal.

People say it depends on the conducteur who will control your ticket and the time you travel. It’s good to prepare yourself well. I read that people said: they got into the train in Den Haag Laan van NOI and they told the conducteur that they came from Vlissingen that day and at that time NS planner showed that the best route is via Den Haag. It’s allowed to get off the train on any station on the route, so they got off in Den Haag. After this they got into the train again to continue the travel. They showed the conducteur the time table (on paper or mobile phone), and the conducteur accepted this route with this ticket.
I think, offically it’s not allowed to start your travel in Den Haag with this ticket and the conducteur can ask you to buy a regular ticket (or can even give you a fine) but I read that most conducteurs don’t make problems at all and that in more than 99% of the cases you can do this without any problem. But again, the choice is yours; I’m not responsible for that.